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Visual artist and filmmaker born and raised in Mexico, passionate about cultural representation

⟡ California

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Currently pursuing Film Production and Animation Certificates at De Anza College in Cupertino, California, Mariana has resided in the USA for over four years, gathering a blend of professional and self-taught education across diverse artistic fields. This experience has enriched her artistic perspective and skill set.

Mariana specializes in developing dark fantasy short films and experimental multimedia projects. She also contributes to independent narrative and commercial projects in roles such as production designer, stylist, costume designer, animator, storyboard artist, prop creator, and graphic designer.


Director, editor, producer and costume designer

In the Beginning

Experimental short film that reimagines the Mexica creation myth of the Five Suns. Using diverse film and animation techniques, it showcases the cultural and ethnic diversity among Mexicans. The project is brought to life by a dedicated team of Mexicans and Mexican descendants, both in the cast and crew, celebrating heritage through innovative storytelling and visual artistry.


Co - director, editor and costume designer

Bless the Spring

Mariana Acosta and Lana Hagog teamed up to create a dark fantasy short film inspired by the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades. This production explores the transformative power of love through poetic visuals, contrasting life, death, and rebirth in a captivating narrative.


Producer and

art director

Children of Life

A student horror/fantasy short film delves into the final day of a secret organization, as they reflect on their creator's origins. The narrative unfolds across two timelines, offering insight through the perspective of a manipulative leader.


Art Director


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Production designer

Perfectly Imperfect


Production and costume designer

Sunset Sunrise


Prop designer


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