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Art direction

Visual artist and filmmaker born and raised in Mexico, passionate about cultural representation ⟡ California

​I have experience developing dark fantasy short films and experimental multimedia projects. I have also collaborated in other independent projects as a production designer, stylist, costume designer, prop creator and graphic designer.


Experimental student short film that offers a contemporary take on the Mexica creation myth of the Five Suns, highlighting the cultural diversity of Mexicans through innovative film and animation techniques.

Despite budget constraints, the film successfully blends eerie Mexica elements with modern twists.Utilizing simple dark backgrounds, it contrasts the vibrant characters, enhancing the mystical ambiance. Seamlessly integrating experimental effects, the film delivers a captivating narrative and unique visual storytelling.


Mariana and Lana Hagog's collaborative dark fantasy short film draws inspiration from the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades. Through poetic visuals, it explores the transformative force of love and the stark contrast between life, death, and rebirth.

Persephone Title.png

They faced the challenge of creating two distinct atmospheres on a budget. They achieved this by contrasting the natural light and flowing attire of the protagonist, Persephone, with the darkness of Hades and the underworld. The underworld scenes were crafted to mirror its ruler's gloomy demeanor, with subtle shifts influenced by Persephone's presence.


A horror short film explores a toxic relationship, as flowers ominously begin to consume the protagonist. Bloom takes a feminine perspective on horror, blending fantasy elements with everyday scenarios to create a captivating narrative.


The film's most daunting task was crafting Daisy's Flower Suit, designed to simulate flowers sprouting from her skin. Mariana achieved this effect through a combination of SFX makeup and a bodysuit layered with tights adorned with flowers, culminating in a striking visual representation.


Student horror/fantasy short film follows a secret organization on their final day on Earth, reflecting on their creator's origin. Children of Life navigates two timelines, exploring the narrative through the perspective of a manipulative leader.


The film needed to bridge medieval and contemporary eras while giving all "Children of Life" members a timeless uniform. Mariana adeptly fused historical and modern elements for a cohesive visual narrative.


Prop design for a fake documentary inspired by the popular creepypasta, featuring over 30 illustrations.

The Slenderverse Field Guide serves as a comprehensive resource, chronicling the origins and history of Slenderman through illustrations meticulously crafted by the series' investigator and main character.