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Art direction

​I have experience developing dark fantasy short films and experimental multimedia projects. I have also collaborated in other independent projects as a production designer, stylist, costume designer, prop creator and graphic designer.

Experimental short film showing a contemporary version of the Five Suns is a Mexica creation myth. "In the Beginning" uses different film and animation techniques to represent the cultural and ethnical diversity amongst Mexicans.

Captura de Pantalla 2023-05-04 a la(s) 10.21.03 a.m..png

The main challenge was to create an eerie mood that represented the Mexica culture with a modern twist on a budget. The simple dark backgrounds add to the mysticism of the story contrasting with the saturation of the characters and allowing the experimental effects to blend seamessly.

Dark fantasy short film inspired in the greek film of Persephone and Hades, created in collaboration with Lana Hagog. Focused on creating poetic visuals representing the transformative power of love and the contrast between life, death and rebirth.

Persephone Title.png

This project required to creation of two different atmospheres, once again the main challenge was to achieve a fantasy ambience on a budget. We created a contrast between exterior shots with natural light and a flowy dress for our main character, Persephone, contrasting with Hade's dark attire. On the other side, the underworld needed to look dark and gloomy like it's ruler, only changed by Persephone's influence.


Horror short film about a toxic relationship where flowers start consuming our main character.  This project is a feminine approach to horror combining fantasy into day-to-day scenarios.


The most challenging element of this film was creating Daisy's Flower Suit, made to resemble flowers growing from her bare skin.  The final look took SFX makeup alongside a bodysuit and tights covered in flowers.

Children of Life

Student horror/fantasy short film about a secret organization spending its last day on earth reminiscing its creator's origin. 
A project that follows two timelines through the eyes of a manipulative leader.


The film required us to connect two periods in time, medieval and contemporary. We also had to bind all the members of the "Children of Life" with a distinctive timeless uniform.


Prop design / Field diary for fake documentary inspired on the popular creepypasta with 30+ hand made illustrations.


The Slenderverse Field Guide gathers information about Slenderman, its origins and history through illustrations created by the investigator and main character of the series.